Thursday, April 18, 2013

Teddy Buckman's

We took the boys to the new LeRoy restaurant, Teddy Buckman's, last night for dinner.  It's the second time I've been there and the first for the rest of the family.  Things are going pretty well for only being in business a month.  I had a great burger at lunch a couple weeks ago and was stoked to try some barbecue.    I split a slab of ribs with Henry and Bob had brisket.  Both were heavily sauced and the ribs were very tender.  I would prefer to be in control of the sauce, but it was fine.  Bob and I agreed the side vegetables were amazing.  I wish every restaurant served such high quality side veggies.  Henry had chicken & dumpling soup that was also fantastic.  He went on and on about it was the best soup OF HIS LIFE.  The soup portion was very large for $3.99.

The design and remodeling is beautiful.  It looks really great inside the old bank.  But with all the hard surfaces there needs to be some kind of noise dampening in the main dining room.  It was very loud with about 3/4 of the tables full.  Also our booth benches and the table were sliding all over on the new wood laminate floors.  Twice Bob got up to push the boys booth bench back into the right spot.

I have high hopes for Teddy Buckman's to be around a long, long time.  I love not having to drive to BloNo for dinner.


lin said...

I think we all need to go out for dinner there and I am ready for some of that soup!

K Blair said...

We just ordered a shrimp po'boy and it came with 6 heavily breaded jumbo shrimp on a hard crusty hoagie roll with brown lettuce. My husband had the Sout' side of Chicago sandwich which was very bland. All in all...everything was bland and not true Southern style cooking as advertised. The french fries were even hard & cold. Even the remoulade sauce was zing at all. Sorry...we absolutely disagree and won't be back.

Teddy Buckmen's said...


This is Ken from Teddy Buckmen’s. Thank you very much telling your readers about our restaurant! We look forward to serving you often here in downtown LeRoy! As for your comment on our acoustics, we are VERY aware of the problem. In fact, just this morning we had someone from an acoustic company come in to see what he could do for us, look for those changes soon! Also, we have now fixed the issue with the sliding booths by putting slip-resistant feet on the bottom of booths. You won’t see that problem any more here!

K Blair, I’m sorry you had such a disappointing experience here, I wish I had known so I could have fixed the problem for you myself. I will tell you that we have a couple new chefs in our kitchen that are about to take our food to the next level. One of them has more than 20 years experience and specializes in Southern-style cooking. We hope that in the next couple weeks you’ll give us another shot to impress you.